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Vendor/Exhibitor Application Forms


Applications for the 2019 show are now available below!
Click on the appropriate application link below or feel free to give us a call if you have questions for next year.
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These are all .pdf documents... for Adobe Reader, click Here.

SELLING Vendor/Mfr Forms

NON-SELLING Exhibitor Forms
(also for use by non-profits that solicit donations/subscriptions/memberships only)

At this time we do not have an online application.  If you wish, you can print, fill out, and scan the application and email it as an attachment to:


Or pop it in the mail and send it USPS to:

TTS of Green Bay, LLC
3912 Wolf Court
Green Bay, WI  5430

    1.  Some wood tables are 24" wide, not 30".  Theoretically there will be enough of the 30" tables to supply our vendors at this time; 24" tables will be used if necessary for the layouts first. 
    2.  Plastic tables are 30" wide, similar in appearance to the kind of table many of you have purchased (at Sam's, for example).  However, PMI's experience with these is that they are not as strong as the wood tables and will deform or collapse under any significant weight (like a book seller, for example).  Therefore they are limiting our use of these as well.  In any event, please LABEL YOUR PERSONAL TABLES so they don't get mixed up with PMI's during their inventory process.
    3.  Please note we have no control over what tables are available, as we do not own them ourselves.  We will make every effort to make sure 24" and/or plastic tables go to non-critical spots at the show, and we active work with facility management to resolve any issue before it becomes critical.  WE ARE AWARE of many vendors' (and some layouts) apprehension over this table issue, so we appreciate your patience as we do our best to accommodate your needs.

If you are using electricity (layouts included), please make sure you're using ONE plug (one socket... not both parts of an ordinary duplex receptacle).  Again, the facility is charging us PER PLUG, not per receptacle.  IF YOU NEED MORE THAN ONE OUTLET, please let us know.  You should be able to attach a power strip to the single socket and get what you need.


Standard Information

Please make sure to mark all relevant information on the forms; if you have special requirements, please let us know.  We cannot be responsible for incomplete or unclear information, and changes due to misunderstandings are extremely difficult to do once you get to the show!

For layouts, please note that we cannot possibly accommodate all layouts that apply; our venue size just simply isn't large enough and vendor tables are what pays for the space.
That doesn't mean to discourage you from applying!  We simply must operate on a first-come, first-serve basis (by scale), which means get your applications back to us as soon as possible after we mail them to you.  It not only is very democratic, it levels the playing field and also usually "mixes things up" so there is a new mix of layouts every year.

A corollary to the application policy is that any layout turned down for a show is automatically guaranteed a spot at the next show.  Since we usually have to turn away three or four HO layouts, this assures a fresh rotation.  A completed application is still required. 

For Vendors, the more tables we sell, the more likely it is we will expand our available floor space, including the "Resch Connector" (which we cannot guarantee in any case).  Note that table prices go up $15 after January 1st, 2019, so if you know you are coming, it is in your best interest to apply early. 

We did have a few issues in the past with new vendors misunderstanding what they were getting.  A "regular" table is just that:  a 30" x 96" table, set up so there is at least 42" of useable space behind it; it is NOT a 10'x10' space. 
For that, you would need to request a "Prime" spot, which is a 10x10 space in the front of the hall that includes a skirted table and surrounding "pipe and drape" (like a professional trade show).  You will see the difference in pricing on the application.

Also, while many vendors prefer setting up against a wall, we do obviously have a limited amount of "wall space" so though we try to make everyone happy, we will create an arrangement that works best for the show.  Please remember that while we try our hardest to accommodate location and arrangement requests (e.g. "just like last year please!"), we cannot guarantee anything due to the changing nature of the participants.  If anything is a "deal breaker", please let us know.

If you have any questions, give us a call or drop us an email.  Thank you!


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