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We regret to note that for the time being we have suspended our model contest.   With the dearth of entrants the past few years, a smaller venue, and COVID complicating things, we felt it was best to wait and see about future opportunities. 
We will otherwise leave this page up for the time being.  Thanks for understanding!


Here’s a list of our regular categories:

Engine – Non-steam: This category includes all electrics, diesels, hybrids, etc.
Engine – Steam: The real thing, from the Little General to the Big Boy.
Non-Revenue: MOW equipment, cabeese, and other equipment classified as non-revenue.
Freight Cars: Any revenue equipment not carrying people (hobos excluded).
Passenger Cars: Revenue-generating people haulers; anything from golden age Hiawathas and Daylights to Hyperloop.
Structures: This can be an on-line or off-line structure. If the structures are off-line, they should be to scale and the reason why they were created.
Fantasy: There are some things modelers do that don't follow prototype or otherwise conform to any sane standard, but this is often the most fun category!
Photography: This covers color and black & white photographs, slides, and digital reproductions.  "Photoshopped" entrants ARE allowed but this needs to be disclosed.
Module:  Members of a portable club layout can enter their individual modules or group of modules that form a scene.  This is separate from the overall layout contest judged by the visiting public.

This contest is open to anyone, whether a part of the show or from the general public.  Five judges are picked at random at the show from our pool of vendors, exhibitors, and volunteers; there are no "points", only subjective analysis by these modeling veterans.  Input from the entrant on their form is used as part of the evaluation; the builder/modeler should have a brief description as to what the item pertains to, why they did it, and what they did to attain their finished model.

We ask that pieces for judging are not “off the shelf”.  Detail parts or even just repainting can add a lot to a model.  For individual modules, you must pre-register you module as with the other categories. 
[Layout best-of-show judging will be conducted by the general public during the duration of the weekend; votes will be tabulated and awards given Sunday afternoon.]

Entries need to be to the show by 12:00pm on Saturday. Entries can by brought to the show office and our staff will direct you where to take your entries.  Judging will be completed by 3pm, and winners announced and awarded soon after.  Please pick up your entry after the end of the contest, no later than 5pm. 
There is an overall best of show for models, and a separate winner in each class.

Charles E. Valentine walked away from his first TTS in 2016 with the Best of Show award for his New Haven cardstock catenary system!  He also won in multiple categories.  Enviable stuff!

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