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Frequently Asked Questions

  General Questions             (Vendor-Exhibitor Questions follow...)

Q.  What are your plans for managing this event in the era of COVID?

A.  There are no currently active mandates at the state or local level so we will not be enforcing mask wearing or asking about vaccinations.  However we do still recommend wearing a mask given the close and often crowded nature of our show.
Other than that, hand santizing stations will be available, restroom facilities will be cleaned regularly, and we ask that if you are feeling even the slightest bit ill, please think about sitting this one out.
While TTS and the KICC will be taking all realistic precautions available to us, we ultimately cannot be held responsible for any potential infections.  If you have concerns about attending the show because of this, we strongly recommend that you prioritize your own health over model trains!

Q.  What kinds of operating layouts will you have?  What do your vendors sell?

A.   We generally try to get good representatives of each scale in model railroading, from Z to G (think 3-inch to 3-foot-long locomotives).  Depending upon applications, we usually get local layouts as well as some from Milwaukee, Madison, and “up north”.  We try to keep the mix fresh so there’s always something new to see.
As for vendors, they sell everything related to trains and model railroading, at all price levels.  Not only will you find model locomotives, cars, structures, and kits, but also art, magazines, toys, books, videos, clothing, memorabilia, antiques, memberships and subscriptions, etc.

Q.  How do we enter the door prize drawing?

A.   Very simply: we have two-part tickets with matching numbers...all that enter (including kids) receive a ticket.  Please hang on to your ticket stub after entering the show!
The hourly door prizes are donated by our vendors, and we pull about four or five numbers each hour.  You must be present to win and we will make an announcement over the public address system.
The grand prize is typically a complete train set!  Register near the Show Office; you need not be present to win.  All hourly winners are still eligible for the grand prize.

Q.  What are the "WLD" and the "NMRA"?

A.   Glad you asked!  The Winnebagoland Division (WLD) of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is a sponsor of the show; please see their booth for more information and advocacy of the hobby.
The WLD is the local organized chapter of the NMRA, with its own officers and independence; however it is chartered to promote the hobby of model railroading on behalf of the NMRA. 
The NMRA is the national advocacy corporation for the hobby; not only are model railroaders themselves members, but also the companies that manufacture or publish for the hobby as well.  The NMRA sets industry standards to ensure interoperability at most scales, maintains an archives, and assists and provides valuable services to local groups and individual members to further and promote the hobby.

Q.  How do I vote for my favorite layout?

A.   We will have paper ballots available, as well as an electronic survey that you can scan and fill out on your smartphone.
Please take the time to vote; our exhibitors always appreciate public recognition of their hard work!

Q.  My family is coming with me; what else is there to do in the area?

A.  There are a number of things you can do while you're Downtown: check out https://downtowngreenbay.com/ for info. Titletown Brewing Company is a restaurant and microbrewery located inside a historic Chicago & Northwestern depot downtown by the river, right across from the Neville Public Museum.
Head over towards Lombardi Avenue and visit historic Lambeau Field and the adjacent Titletown District: https://www.titletown.com/ .
About ten minutes south on Broadway across the river is the National Railroad Museum with their large historic collection; you can visit their booth at the show.  Just fifteen minutes north of Green Bay is the NEW Zoo, and across the river next to Hwy 172 is Heritage Hill State Park.
Bay Park Square is a large regional mall and shopping district located about a mile south of Lambeau Field down Oneida Street.
For more information about what to see and do in Green Bay, please visit www.greenbay.com.

Q.  What’s the easiest way to get into town and to the show?

A.   From I-41 and I-43, connect to Hwy 172 and take the Riverside Drive-Hwy 57 exit and go north all the way into downtown where it turns into Monroe Ave.  Turn Left on Main St.
You can also take I-43 north to the Webster Avenue exit, taking it south and turn right on Main St.
If you’re really motivated and coming in by plane or helicopter, the airport is about two miles west of US 41 on Hwy 172.
Sorry, we don’t have any local passenger train service (unless you count Bay Beach)!  Nearest station is the Amtrak depot in downtown Milwaukee.

Here’s a MAP for those who can't read directions!

Q.  What kind of accommodations are there in Green Bay?

A.   Green Bay has over 4,500 hotel rooms because of the Packers.  Therefore, as this show is intentionally held during the football off-season, we are confident there will be no problems finding accommodations. 
The KI Convention Center is attached directly to the Hyatt Regency all-suites hotel, as well as the Hampton Inn Downtown.  A Quality Inn is a few blocks south of the facility, and more upscale accommodations can be found at the historic, newly restored Hotel Northland. 
In addition, there are many other chain hotels around the metro area, especially near the Titletown District and along Oneida Street, as well as every conceivable restaurant imaginable (but of course, the ideal place to eat would be at Titletown Brewing Company!).

Q.  What about parking?

A.   Parking on Saturday and Sunday downtown is FREE on the streets and in the ramps; the city's Main Street ramp is connected to the facility by skywalk.  There may be a charge for parking in the Hyatt Regency's lot.

Q.  Do you accept credit cards or checks?

A.   NEW this year we WILL be accepting credit/debit cards at the ticket window.  We do not accept checks; however there is an ATM in the hotel lobby if you need cash. Many vendors in the show will accept cards for purchases made at their booths.

Q.  How do I become a show sponsor, vendor, or exhibitor?

A.  We’d be happy to talk to you about becoming involved with TTS.  Please feel free to call or email, or visit us in the show office!

Q.  What happened to Shopko Hall?  What are your plans for the future?

A.  Our last show at Shopko Hall was in April 2019.  A new, larger, state-of-the-art exhibition hall just opened this year.  For the time being however we plan to continue at the KI Convention Center in downtown Green Bay.

Q.  Why do you guys like trains so much?

A.   Because they’re cool and go “choo-choo”!

Seriously, trains are an important and romantic reflection of America's history and westward expansion.  While freight railroads still play a major part in our shipping economy, and Amtrak successfully serves those who want to avoid the hassles of flying, the “golden age” of passenger trains is long gone.  Model railroading helps us to maintain that romantic connection, while allowing us to express ourselves in various ways through the myriad aspects of the hobby and its enjoyable community.

Model trains are also an engaging family activity, accessible to all ages at all skill levels... you can take the hobby as far as your imagination and motivation take you.  It's physical and tangible and can reward the solo practitioner (though clubs are fun too!), it's less frustrating than golf and less injury-prone than soccer or football.  You don't (typically) need a computer or video game console, yet the hobby is loaded with more technology than many other pasttimes!
Plus our spouses are more likely to find us at home most Saturday nights working in the basement rather than cavorting in the bars!


Vendor - Exhibitor Questions

Q.   I sent in our layout application the day after we received it from you, but now I've been told we didn't make it into the show!  What gives???

A.  Unfortunately this has been a problematic issue among modular layouts interested in attending TTS.  We sympathize with you, as many of you are good friends; however we refuse to "play favorites" and have to make things fair for everyone.
The reality is we get many more applications than we can fit in the exhibit hall; therefore we have to turn down some layouts.  Somebody has to be told the bad news, but how do we decide?  To deal with this, we send out all layout applications at the same time, then generally accept layouts on a first-received basis by scale, according to postmark.
That means "first Z, first N, first HO, first S, first O, first G, second Z, second N, etc...." until we have filled up.  Sometimes we contact one or two clubs that might be placed on "standby" in case we need to fill space at the last minute due to cancellations and such, or we might mutually agree to a prearrangement where a club does not apply every year.
Note that we usually accept everyone that applies in every scale except HO, because we typically don't get all that many applications in Z, S, or G; inevitably it's three or four HO layouts that must be turned away.
Regrettably, this policy has favored applicants not affected by irregularities in the US Postal Service; sometimes a club sends out an application and we don't receive it for ten days due to routing through a distant post office, for example. 

AS A RESULT, layouts that are turned down one year are guaranteed a spot at the following year's show.  The remaining spots will be filled by our regular policy above.  In other words, layouts turned down for TTS 2019 will be offered a guaranteed spot at TTS 2020, space permitting.

Q.   I noticed in the contract that “proof of insurance” might be required.  What’s that   about? I can’t afford insurance!

A.   The facility is covered under the NMRA's show insurance unless you have special hazards (such as a train ride); in those cases TTS and the Hyatt Regency would need to be listed as additional insureds in your policy.  It is assumed that all sellers cover their personal property under business or homeowner’s insurance.
Please let us know if you have liability insurance that covers your own group as we would like to have a copy for our records.

Q.   When is setup?

A.   Setup is scheduled for Noon to 9pm on the Friday before the show, and 7am to 9am on the Saturday of the show.  Once all the contracts are received and the floor plan has been blocked out, we will send out your confirmations. Included will be an information packet with confirmed setup and takedown dates, times and procedures.
It would be helpful for us to know ahead of time approximately when each vendor and exhibitor was thinking of coming for setup.  This way we can plan traffic and loading/unloading movements and staging the latecomers nearer the rear of the facility.
PLEASE NOTE:  Staging area for the KI Convention Center downtown is extremely limited and on-street.  Please do not arrive until set up time; there will not be room for people to hang around with their trucks and trailers for hours. 

Q.   What about parking?

A.   Parking for cars will be in the ramp across the street and will be free starting after 5pm Friday; overnight truck and trailer parking will be available in the WPS parking lot near the facility.
Handicap parking ONLY is available in the Hyatt Regency lot near the main entrance to the hotel; however we ask that you do NOT bring your inventory or materials in through that entrance. 

Q.   How do move-in and move-out work?  Can we drive in?

A.   With your confirmation packet will be instructions for loading and unloading, etc.  Under normal conditions, you may drive in to load and unload through the two north overhead doors, providing the show floor is not too crowded – our volunteers will be directing traffic in the most expedient way possible.  In the event of very wet or snowy weather, we will only allow vehicles as far in as the concrete floor... NO DRIVING ON THE CARPETED AREA WILL BE ALLOWED.
There is a pull-over lane adjacent to the doors on Adams Street; we will allow you to use these ONLY FOR CARRY-IN ITEMS (NO CARTS OR DOLLIES!!) 
Please understand and heed these loading, unloading, and parking requirements, as we will have limited room to get everyone in and out.  We understand the issues – believe us, we’ve been there – but there are reasons for the restrictions.

Q.   I have relatives/friends that will like to come along; can I get complimentary tickets?

A.   Admission for vendors and exhibitors will be no charge for only those people who will be getting name badges.  Please make sure you fill out and send in your name badge list when you receive it with your contract or confirmation packet and make sure it is correct!  We ask that vendors limit their lists to six (6) persons max, exhibitors are limited to fifteen (15); we can offer discounted tickets (at the advance rate) for those on your list exceeding the limit.  Advance tickets can be purchased prior to the show for $1 off normal price (currently $6).  Please call or email for details.

Q.  The contract for non-selling exhibitors requests a space size OR number of tables.  What if I need tables inside my space?

A.   For those exhibitors setting up a modular layout, you automatically get two tables; if you need more we ask that you chip in a nominal fee (see your exhibitor contract form).  The request for number of tables on the form is for those exhibitors who have a display that sits on top of a table.

Q.  What about the requirement for skirting on the tables? Can we get carpeting?

A.   You must supply your own skirting or rent it from the facility as indicated on the application. All tables in the facility (except for those inside layouts) will be required to have skirting; tablecloths that drape down at least 12” will suffice.
About 1/2 of the show floor is carpeted, as is the lobby; if you are on the concrete floor you may bring your own but we will not be able to supply any.

Q.   I like to have my tables arranged in a specific way that suits my display.  How can I make sure I can have it that way?

A.   We can make no guarantees as to your exact location in the facility or how we can arrange your space.  However, if you send us a sketch or description, we will make every effort to accommodate you.  Please note that wall space is very limited!
We will be utilizing space in the lobby as well, against the window walls; if you have an opinion either way about being located in the lobby, please let us know.  Our bottom line is to maximize the number of vendors and exhibitors we can comfortably fit inside this facility, so if your space needs are unnecessarily wasteful, we will ask you to modify your requirements.  

Q.   We have a large/irregularly sized modular layout; can we fit it in at your show?

A.   If you can arrange your layout into a variety of sizes or configurations, we would appreciate the options.  Please send a sketch or two of how it is arranged.  Remember, your size must include whatever standoffs you use, as we do not supply them. 
Longer, narrower layouts are usually easier to place than big squares; L-shapes are discouraged.  We have limited space on the floor so please understand if we cannot accommodate your larger setups; we cannot be like Trainfest!

Q.   Do exhibitors have to pay for electricity?  Can we have more than one plug?

A.   Electricity is supplied at no cost for non-selling exhibitors, including layouts.  However, we will limit each exhibitor to ONE electrical connection; you may plug a power strip into it if you have more than one cord.  Each receptacle should be adequate for most needs and will be provided in the floor or from the wall nearby.  Please be patient during setup as we rely on facility personnel to provide the hookups.
Note also that electrical inspectors are enforcing codes and they do not like to see daisy-chained power strips and extension cords.  We suggest you upgrade your electrical distribution and keep it tidy and out of the way to avoid inquiries and possible inspection problems!

Q.   What about phone or internet service?

A.   Hardwired phone lines are not available, however the facility provides complimentary WiFi.

Q.   What is the KI Convention Center?

A.   The show will be in the first floor exhibit hall and ballrooms of the KI Convention Center, which was built in 2001 and expanded in 2016.  Our area includes about 35,000 square feet of main exhibits plus lobby areas.  It is column-free, with floor receptacles on a 30-foot grid. There are two ground-level loading doors on the north side (rear), accessible from Elm Street; the main entrance, box office, and show office are located on the south side, accessible from Main and Adams Streets.  The venue is connected to and operated by the Hyatt Regency hotel. 
For more information, click HERE.

Q.  Will there be a modeling contest during the show?

A.   No, we will be suspending the model contest for 2021, due to both declining interest and the lack of space at the venue.

Q.  Is the Titletown Train Show affiliated with the NMRA?

A.   In a way, yes.  The show is managed by an independent local organization, TTS of Green Bay LLC, though its directors are NMRA members and upstanding citizens of the larger local model railroading community.  Also, local NMRA members do volunteer for the show and sponsor us to cover the show's insurance. 
It just seemed to work better to put on the show independently of any other modeling organization for the time being.

Q.  Can we bring food into the facility?  Concession food is always so expensive!

A.   No outside food will be allowed in.  On Friday during setup you may come and go all day if you wish to eat at any fine local establishment; however due to the low volume in the past, concessions will not be open on Friday.
Please note that the concessions are run by the facility management and as such we have no control over menu choices or prices.
As usual, TTS will be providing coffee free of charge to our vendors Saturday and Sunday mornings at the office before the show opens.

Any other questions?  Too bad!  You'll just have to come to the show and ask!


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